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XXVII Traditional International Festival Go “Cup of Crimea” 16 June 2012 to 24 June 2012

We'd like to welcome you to the annual XXVII Traditional International Festival Go "Cup of Crimea" which will be held on 16 - 24th of June 2012 in Crimea (Ukraine). We hope a lot of people will come, so it will be a nice Go experience and the nice rest at the Black Sea coast! You can study Go with professijnal Go player Chun Poong Jho (9 pro) every day during all 9 days! Masterclasses and simultaneous games are organized. Also, we expect a nomber of strong players. So you'll be able to improve your level! We like and we offer You to enjoy slow and deep Go! The main tournament "Cup of Crimea" traditionally playes no more than one morning game a day. Playing time is no less than 2 hours for every player. Another tradition is a Japanese boyomi no less than 1 minute per move.

And, certainly, If you've never visited Crimea, now you have an chance!

XXVII Traditional International Festival Go “Cup of Crimea” 

Organised by the Crimean Go Federation in collaboration with the Ukrainian Go Federation.

Festival will take place in the city Feodosiya (Ukraine, Crimea) 16-24.06. 2012, and contains few sports and cultural events.

Main event: The  XXVII International Open Go Tournament  ”Cup of Crimea”

The tournament rules are:

7 raund McMahon system

Playing time 120 minutes

Overtime: classic boyomi 60 seconds

Komi6 & 1/2 points

Other Go events:

Weekend rapid tournament: June 22 - 24

Command blitz tournament: will be certain in place (free 3 persones commands)

Masterclasses and  simultaneous games: dayly

Arrival of participants: June 16  

Address: motel  ”Colourite”, st. Clubnaya 18, Feodosiya, Crimea, Ukraine.

Meeting and final registration will held here June 16 at 16-оо

Please, arrive Simferopol city railway station ore airport and call +380 50 5296431 ore +380 50 2006687. We will help You in navigation.

Bus communication from railway station (Simferopol city) to Feodosiya is good,comfortable, quick (1,5 h, 15 min interval) and chipe (5$)


Entry fee: 5 €

Also participants pay tournament fees (100% form prise money)

Full tournament fees: 20 €

Main Tournament fee (only): 20 €

Weekend rapid tournament Fee (only): 10 €

Command blitz tournament: free

Masterclasses and  simultaneous games: free

Full payment all events: 25€

Accommodation: 2-3 Bedded 6 € p.p.p.d; Single 12 € p.p.p.d. (pre-pay) (20% reduction for children 12 to)

Feed: 3 time/day 10 € p.p.p.d; (3-3,5 € every)

Please, send Entry Form to: konsted@i.ua

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Country: …

City: …

Grade (rank): …

Date of Arrival: …

Telephone: …